VPFashion Human Hair Extensions

Recently, VPFashion sent me a set of their gorgeous human hair extensions. My hair was currently a silvery blonde and I was determined to dye them to match my hair. I had some difficulties, mostly with my own hair, but I decided to share my entire experience since in hopes that it’s helpful.

The first thing I did was dye my new extensions. This process is so easy and painless, and the extensions really did come out perfectly. I used Wella Color Charm T-18 Lightest Ash Blonde along with the Wella 050 Cooling Violet. Just using these two together will dye the extensions to a perfect silver color. Unfortunately for me, the extensions a slightly more blue base, and my hair was slightly more purple based so I wasn’t 100% happy with the match.

Here’s where I had some trouble. I tried using the Cooling Violet (mixed with developer) on my own hair and it didn’t not turn out the same as the extensions. It came out much darker and at the ends where my hair had some yellow, it was a tinge green. I didn’t want to mess with my hair anymore since I was about to leave on an extended trip and I wouldn’t be able to see my stylist if it faded to an awful color. So I made an appointment for later that week to go see him and get my hair fixed up.

I brought my extensions along to show him what color I was trying to match. He advised me that it would be better to tone the extensions to be a bit more purple, and we’d continue with my hair having the purple undertones. To get the extensions a little more purple toned, I used Overtone Pastel Purple Go Deep on them. I just took each piece and got it wet then massaged the conditioner into it and let it sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing. The purple dye helped a lot since before going silvery blonde I had been dying my hair lavender, so it still had those undertones.

My stylist has been dying my roots so they have an ombre effect and so I can go months without getting them re-done. I’m not loving the color of my roots right now, but the dyed part of my hair actually matched the extensions pretty well!

I might end up re-dying these extensions since silver is just so hard to get on my own hair without it turning too blue. I wish my hair dyed as nicely as these extensions! I’m so impressed with the quality of VP Fashion extensions. This is my first set of the human hair extensions and I give them high marks on everything. The texture is soft, easy to dye, and easy to style! I have 2 sets of the Mixdyeable extensions that I love too. I did a few previous posts on the Mixdyeable extensions if you’re interested in finding out more about them!

Visit VPFashion.com to get a set for yourself and use my code “bububun” to save on your order!