Re-Dying VPFashion Extensions

A little while back I made a post about my VPFashion: MixDyeable Extensions. I dyed them lavender with some multi-color streaks to match my then hair color. I also have a second set of the VPFashion MixDyeable extensions that are just plain lavender. When I went to see my stylist recently, I went back to a silvery blonde color so I decided I should re-dye one of my sets to match. I decided to go with the one that I had dyed in the picture below.

The first step was to remove the color from them so I used a color remover packet that I picked up at Sally’s. This step took out most of the multi color dye but it still wasn’t completely gone.

Next I mixed up some bleach with 20 volume developer to apply to them. I used the Clairol Kaleidocolors powdered bleach with blue undertones. At this point, there were still some undertones left in the extensions from the previous dyes (especially the yellow), but it was faint enough that I decided not to bleach again.

The last step was toning the extensions to an ashy blonde color using Wella Color Charm T18 Toner. After using the toner, the extensions were a beautiful ashy blonde that were pretty close to my current hair color.

They were actually a bit lighter than my hair but it had a nice ombre effect when I styled it since my hair already goes from dark to light at the roots.

I think I should also mention that in between each dying step above, I washed out the dye and I gently towel dried the extensions (pressing them with a towel) and then hung them to dry overnight. I did a pretty lengthy review on the quality in my previous blog post and I’m glad to add onto that by saying they stood up to all this dying very well.

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