VPFashion: MixDyeable Extensions

For most of my adult life I’ve had really long hair. A couple years ago I decided to start bleaching my hair again and quickly realized the waist length hair had to go if I didn’t want to be spending 8+ hours at the salon every time my hair needed a touch up. I really enjoy how quick and easy it is to style my shorter hair, the extra volume it has, as well as how well it holds curls now. I still find myself missing the look of my long hair every now and then.

After seeing a bunch of people I follow on instagram get extensions from various places, I became interested in getting some of my own! One place that kept popping up was VP Fashion. I wasn’t sure I was ready to invest hundreds of dollars in the 100% human hair kind so I was glad when they announced the VP MixDyeable that they just recently came out with. It’s much cheaper than the other kind but also still pretty good quality. I felt like that was a good way to test it out and see if I like them.

The thing that finally pushed me over the edge on getting them was this video by tinytangerines on Instagram. I loved the way her pastel rainbow unicorn/mermaid extensions came out and I had to make some of my own! Almost immediately after I ordered my VP MixDyeable extensions and all the dye I would need.

I’ve used extensions a few times before, but I’ve never tried the clip-in kind. My hair has a fine texture so I wasn’t sure how well they would stay in. I was surprised at how secure they felt on my head. There were just a few places in front that I teased my hair at the roots to help them stay in better. I wore them all day after that with no issues.

I wanted to make this more of a proper review, so I’ll add my reactions to a few different aspects of the extensions below.

Dying: The dyeing process took a few hours and surprisingly they held the color really well! The first few pieces I did I had to wash out in warm water a few times to get the dye to fade to the color I wanted. Next time I will plan on diluting the color more before dying them.

Styling: They style the same way you style your normal hair, but at a lower heat. They did lose the curl (just like normal hair does), as the day went on so I want to try out different curling irons on them and see if one works better than the other.

Texture: The VP MixDyeable extensions are a little shinier than normal hair, but I think they blend in really well when worn. I did notice they shed a bit similar to how a wig does. I assume this is true with any extensions but this was my first time wearing a whole head of them so I noticed it.

Overall I really like them and I would highly recommend them! I’m already thinking of buying another set so I can have all lavender extensions as well.

If you’re interested in ordering some, you can save $10 with my coupon code: bubumdc