Select Shop Tenten

This past weekend I visited Select Shop Tenten in Osaka. I discovered the shop when an artist I like retweeted them last week. When I was in the area over the weekend I decided to take a short detour to check it out. I definitely was not disappointed! When you walk up to the shop, you’re greeting by a Popples mural at the entrance. I loved this show when I was a kid so it was really cool to see it on the wall here.

I didn’t grab pictures of the downstairs area since there was an event going on and other people were in the shop. But as soon as you walk in it’s covered with cute handmade and vintage accessories and clothing. To the left near the front of the shop there’s a tiny staircase that leads to another room of cute!

It’s a bit overwhelming with how much there is to see. I didn’t have as much as time as wanted to carefully browse all their goods but I’m planning to go back to have a closer look. It seemed like a large majority of their stock is handmade accessories. The day I visited they were having an event with an artist and they had an area set up specifically dedicated to her work!

As you can see from the pictures, there is also a ton of vintage stuffed animals and toys like Care Bears and My Little Pony. It was really nostalgic to see all these toys from my childhood, and so many in one place.

I couldn’t leave without getting a souvenir (or two!), so I picked up the cute little ghost macaron ring pictured below. I also bought a bracelet made out of Mahjong tiles for my boyfriend. I was excited that he found something there too!

Select Shop Tenten is located near Umeda and there are a few different stations nearby. I took the train to Nakazakicho which was just about two blocks from the shop. Afterwards I walked to Umeda station to do some more shopping before catching the train home there. If you love pastel clothing and accessories, I highly recommend checking out Tenten!