Bling Up Nail Deco Review

Bling Up is a sister brand to the company BB and B which I did a review for awhile back. They contacted me again and asked if I’d like to review some nails. I was excited at the opportunity but since I have fake nails, I wouldn’t be able to try their product. Instead I asked if they’d like to send me some deco supplies so I could have my own nail artist use them and they happily agreed!

I picked out some gold and pink pieces since 90% of the time I have pink nails. They came in individual packets and were nicely packaged (I forgot to take pictures of this part). I decided to go with some larger deco pieces since I always love nails with that look but don’t often get them done. My nails can be sort of an ordeal since I see one nail tech to do the acrylics and then go see Fumi at Color Treats to get nail art.

The first two pictures are the finished product taken in the first few days after getting them done. I asked Fumi to add some smaller crystals on my nails to accent the larger pieces from Bling Up on my thumb, middle finger, and ring finger. I choose to put the largest piece on my thumb so it didn’t get in the way as much. It did feel a little heavier after it was on but I didn’t have any issues with it.

Fumi uses a thick gel to attach each piece to my nail and then covers the 3d parts with more gel so they don’t get caught on anything. Just a day later I did my hair with my VP Fashion extensions and no trouble putting them in or styling. If you’ve ever had 3d gems on your nails you’ll know that getting them caught in your hair can be horrible!

I wore these nails for about 2.5 weeks. They could have lasted much longer but the fake nails I got them put on top of were ready to go. I loved my over the top princess nails and wish I could have worn them more. I was really happy with the products I got from Bling Up and I’d highly recommend them!

Please check out their website for more nail art and deco supplies: Bling Up