Kawaii Box Review and Giveaway!

I was very excited when Kawaii Box contacted me to review their subscription box! I love everything cute so I couldn’t wait to receive one and see what was inside. Check out my review below to see what I received and then enter to win your own Kawaii Box at the bottom of the post!

Kawaii Box 1

Kawaii Box is $19.80 a month and each box contains 10-12 hand picked items. Their boxes contain everything from Japanese candy to stationery & beauty accessories.

Kawaii Box 2

It was no surprise that the box itself and packaging is also super cute. When I first opened it up, I couldn’t believe how much they fit in there. It felt like I just kept pulling items out.

Kawaii Box 3

As I was unwrapping items, I accidentally started opening the candy right in front. Oops!

Starting from the top left… I’m not entirely sure on the names of everything so I’ll try to be descriptive!

Snacks Stickers: A big sheet of stickers featuring different foods and snacks! I love stickers but I tend to hoard them instead of using them. I’m glad to add these to my collection!

Pattern Envelopes: I’m always in need of cute bags for selling items or packaging things for raffles and giveaways at lolita meets. I’m sure I will use these right away. I love the pattern and color combination I got too.

Moomin Card: This is a nice greeting card featuring Moomin art. I’m not a huge fan of this character but this is a very useful item.

Kawaii Box 5

DIY Cross Stitch Kit: I’ve never actually cross stitched before but I might give it a try now that I have this kit!

Mechanical Pencil: I have a huge collection of cute pens and pencils so I’m glad to get another to add to it. I love kawaii stationery since there’s always a use for it!

Pikachu Pouch: Small pouch featuring Pikachu’s cute face. It’s small but perfect for change or storing small accessories.

Donald Duck Keychain/Bag Charm: I’m not a huge Disney fan but I tend to love Japanese Disney products and this keychain is no exception. Donald has cute little blush marks on his cheeks! So cute!

Kawaii Box 6

Candy (both kinds): I’m not sure if I’ll try this. I need to translate the ingredients to see if I can eat it haha. I tend to just not eat candy since looking up the kanji is a hassle. It would be a good gift for someone else though!

Eraser: Another cute stationery accessory!

Oreo Keychain: I was surprised that it was squishy when I opened it up! It’s pretty cute. Dessert themed accessories are great!

Monkey Spray Bottle: I buy so many little travel bottles like this at Daiso. This one is super cute and I know I’ll use it next time I travel!

Okay, I probably used the word cute way too much but I can’t help it! Overall I liked the Kawaii Box items and I think I’ll end up using the majority of them. I even ended up liking some of the character items that I’m not normally a fan of!

If you want to get your own Kawaii Box for free, enter the giveaway below:

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You can find Kawaii Box on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube!

  • Nessy

    I also horder stickers😁😁

  • Rocio

    Quisiera llevarme una gratis,la promocionaría 😉

  • gina travers-mace

    Awesome love all the items.my teens would love this.ty keep on posting