BB and B Deco Macaron Necklace Review

A few weeks ago I was approached by BB and B Deco to a do review of one of their products. They are new shop that specializing in handmade deco jewelry and accessories. Here’s a little bit of info they shared with me about their shop and products:

Every piece is handmade in Japan, absolutely no molds were used. We use genuine pearls and Swarovksi crystals for embellishments to assure a long lasting and high quality shine. Since everything is handmade using very lightweight and sturdy air clay, we literally can make anything!

Their website had tons of cute products on it so it was hard to decide on something. I ended up picking out the Pastel Pink Over The Top Macaron Pearl Charm Necklace since I wear a lot of sweet lolita and pink!

BB and B Deco Necklace

Close up of necklace

Once I received the shipping notification the package arrived in a matter of days. It was packed in a bubble mailer with extra bubble wrap to keep it safe. The necklace itself was packaged in a see-through fabric bag and then wrapped in plastic with a card detailing care and cleaning instructions. I kept the fabric bag for storing the necklace while it’s not being worn.

I’m incredibly happy with the quality of the necklace itself. The deco macaron is really well made and all the pieces on it seem to be high quality as well. It’s a bit shiny looking, which I think is nice on the different textures. It says on the care card that all their pieces are made with water-resistant clay or coated in water-resistant coating, so I’m assuming that’s what it is.

Another close up of the necklace

Another close up of the necklace

The chain it’s on feels really sturdy and has an interesting design as well. It’s not just single loops hooked together. I think a lot of places tend to skimp on the chain so I was excited to see how nice this one looked.

BB and B Deco Necklace Worn

I wore the necklace with one of my fancier lolita dresses. I love the way it looks with it!

I would highly recommend BB and B Deco. Their communication and order fulfillment was fast and friendly and their designs are very cute and well made. I will probably be placing an order myself since there were too many cute things to choose from. I’m thinking about picking up one of the iPhone cases or maybe this strawberry necklace!

If you want to stay up to date on news from BB and B Deco, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter!

  • Nessy

    The necklace is really cute. Can I ask you a question?

    • Laura

      Thanks! Sure 🙂

      • Nessy

        Do you sometimes get negative comments about dressing up as a Lolita? How do you handle it? It’s because I want to dress up as Lolita but I’m afraid of the negative things that would come to me.

        • Laura

          People comment more than I’d like but it’s never super negative.. usually just like “why are you dressed up?”, “it’s not Halloween!”, etc. I get lots of nice comments too though!

          • Nessy

            Ah okay. Thank you. Do you dress up as Fairy Kei? If so, can I wear a pink petticoat as a skirt for Fairy Kei?

          • Laura

            I don’t really wear Fairy Kei myself. I think petticoats can be worn as skirts over shorts/pants/leggings but it really depends on the petticoat!

  • Nessy

    Ah ok thank you.

  • Paola Natasha Fernandes

    How beautiful, the desire to eat so well done that is this gem.
    Love your blog and your super authentic style, and difenrenciado, I’m from Brazil and I love your work.

    Sexo, Fraldas e Rock’n Roll