Holy Cross Outfits

I tend to wear a lot of Angelic Pretty when I dress in lolita, but recently I got sent a Souffle Song/Neverland lolita dress from the shop Devil Inspired. It’s not my typical style, but I loved the cut and print of this dress and I was excited to create some outfits with it!

Holy Cross Outfit

Dress: Neverland Lolita/Soufflesong, Blouse: Kohls/LC Lauren Conrad, Shoes: Bait Footwear, Hat: Enchantic Enchantilly

The dress happened to match this hat that I had from Enchantic Enchantilly perfectly. I thought the dress was “light blue” when I ordered it, but it matched a lot of “mint” stuff that I had incredibly well. I decided to use neutral colors for the rest of the outfit and added my amethyst necklace for an extra pop of color. There are some dark jewel tones in the print of the dress so that influenced my choice of jewelry.

On my way to the foodcarts!

On my way to the foodcarts!

I was really excited that my coat happened to match this dress perfectly too!

A few weeks later I put together another look with this dress that I wore to the symphony.

Holy Cross Outfit 3

Blouse: Angelic Pretty, Shoes: Bait Footwear, Socks: Sandysshop, Brooch: Mulberry Chronicles, Bow: Daiso

I used my natural hair with this outfit which was a sort of pink blonde color at the time. I also paired the dress with soft pink socks and blouse. I actually grabbed this blouse for a steal of a price during Angelic Pretty’s winter sale!

It was fun to step out of my lolita comfort zone and create a few looks with this dress. Although I do think the way I styled this dress brought it into the realm of sweet lolita, at least a little bit!