Til You Hear My Heart Go Boom

One of my favorite parts about anime conventions are AMVs and Anime Hell. I keep coming up with lots of fun ideas for AMVs but for one reason or another I keep putting off getting into it. When I first moved to Portland I used to VJ at raves and dance parties so I’m not totally unfamiliar with working with video. I guess putting together an AMV still seemed kind of daunting though so I never dove into  it.. until now!

Earlier this week I was listening to one of my favorite artists, Little Boots, while skimming through Creamy Mami episodes trying to take some screen caps.. a lot of scenes fit really well with music so I got inspired to make an AMV!

There are a couple things in it that I want to work on still but overall I’m really happy with it. I spent maybe 4-5 hours on it early this week while I was feeling really inspired. I want to learn more about using video editing software (and perhaps get a better editor) before taking a stab at more complicated videos.

I hope that my AMV will introduce people to both Creamy Mami and Little Boots. I think a good AMV will keep you interested whether or not you are familiar with the show. And a great AMV will do that in addition to making you love the song they chose. I know I’m not at that level yet, but an AMV maker that can do that, and that I really admire is Ileia. Here is the first video I ever saw from her and it made really interested in watching the anime she used.. and I think even made the song more likable even though it’s totally over played 🙂

Her newest video, RadioAkshun, that won at Sakura-con this year (my con report is coming soon, I promise!) also used a song I wouldn’t normally like. After seeing the video though I will forever associate it with Evangelion haha. So it now has a place in my heart! Unexpectedly enough, I started learning a routine to this song at my dance class on Monday. I can’t help but think of Evangelion during the whole class now.

Next I think I’ll be posting my Sakura-con report and photos and then after some more new photos of my Creamy Mami costume!