Britney Spears Photoshoot

Photoshoot at Director Park.

For once this year, I had my Halloween costume planned out months in advance! It’s the holiday I look forward to the most every year but for some reason I usually can’t seem to figure out what I want to be once it gets here. Some time this summer, me and a couple friends decided we were going to be all of Britney’s different personas in the Toxic music video. I chose her flight attendant outfit!


I wore it out during the day to a cosplay photo shoot where I got the picture above. It’s definitely not one of my best made garments (it’s the only thing I’ve ever glued pieces onto), but I’m really happy with it. Everything is handmade by me and it’s fully lined. I used a pattern for the hat but everything else I draped/drafted. The parts that are glued on are the silver stripes. I didn’t feel like making my own piping and sewing a ton of seams for a costume I was going to wear mostly for Halloween.


After the photoshoot at Director Park, I wore my costume out to my friends’ weekly dance night, Sunday School. The picture above is from after I won the costume contest! My friend Benny (in the Korilakkuma suit) is the one who runs Sunday School with my other friend Emma. They do an awesome job! It’s definitely one of my favorite weeklies here in Portland.

With Sara. She is dressed up as the naked glitter covered Britney from Toxic!

I really enjoyed wearing this costume out because everyone knew what it was but no one else was dressed as it. Hopefully next year I can come up with another fun idea for Halloween.