Lolita Traveling Dinner Soiree

Photo by Tom Good

A couple weeks ago we had small traveling dinner lolita meet up! I wore my brand new Angelic Pretty dress, Cinema Doll. Ivory wasn’t my first choice color but the print was really popular so the rest sold out very quickly. I’m really glad I got the ivory now though since I love it in person!

Photo by Tom Good. See the outfit details on!

The first place we went to for the meet up was a bar/restaurant called Saucebox. We got some really delicious cocktails and appetizers there. I got a gingery drink that was amazing! Outside the bar was this Psychic Readings place so we stopped and took some pictures! I think it actually goes with my outfit.

The next stop was Departure, a fancy Japanese restaurant on the top floor of the Nines downtown. I had never been there before but I knew they had a separate full vegan menu so I was excited to try it. When we got there, it was way nicer than I could have ever expected. The food was really gourmet and delicious, I actually went back with Dan a few weeks later because I liked it so much. I think I have new favorite vegan spot in town.

Photo by Tom Good

After Departure we were supposed to go to another place for desert but we ended getting a little lost and not making it in time. We ended up stopping in a bar and then I organized some cabs so we could go to karaoke. The karaoke bar was really crowded but we got to dance and sing so it was a fun end to the night! I really hope we can have another dinner meet up soon, it was definitely one of my favorite lolita events. Thanks to Rachael for working so hard and organizing an awesome meet up!

To see the rest of the photos that Tom took at the event, check out his Flickr!