Powerpuff Girls Cosplay

Holli, me and Ariann as Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles. Photo by Tom Good.

This past weekend I did a photoshoot with Holli and Ariann as the Powerpuff Girls! I think it was originally Holli’s idea and we are really excited about it so we got it together pretty fast this month so we could do it while Holli was in town this weekend. We want to to wear it to the next convention all three of us will be at too!

This my first group cosplay ever and it was a ton of fun. I loved the way that our costumes turned out. We came up with a design for the dresses that we thought would be flattering on all of us. And since we all love flowy dresses, we made sure to make the skirts extra ruffly by making them two full circles gathered together.

Photo by Tom Good.

Since we took some liberties with the dresses, we decided to also change the hair up a bit and all get curly wigs. We wanted to make sure we were all coordinated rather than concentrating on 100% accuracy. I did have some ponytail clip ons I was going to use with my wig originally (since Blossom’s hair is supposed to be up), but the base part of the wig was so thick the ponytails were just too much on top of it so I left them out.

Photo by Tom Good.

We had so much fun in these matching costumes that we decided our next group cosplay is going to be Perfume (since they have tons of matching outfits). People might not recognize us at a con, but I think the 3 matching outfits will still look awesome together so we’re going to go for it!

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    I will cosplay as buttercup

  • anime

    I would never fathom cosplaying that lol I cant believe it was done, i guess it was bound to happen do to the shows popularity.

    • Laura

      We aren’t even the first! There are lots of people who have done it before us 🙂

  • Melissa Mocada

    Your cosplay is perfection! My best friends and I want to do a power puff girls cosplay but we want to have matching dresses but we can’t find nice styles that come in all three colors! How difficult was it to make these dresses? If you don’t mind telling me what materials you guys used for the ruffling of the dress. I’m just in awe at how great it came out ! Thank you!

    • Laura

      If you’re familiar with making garments, I think these dresses are very easy to make. You can check out my Instructables post for more information on how I did it: http://www.instructables.com/id/Powerpuff-Girls-Costumes/
      I’m not sure what you mean by “materials used for ruffling of the dress” though.. the dresses are made of cotton fabric with poly lining and they are hand gathered (done with a basting stitch). If that doesn’t answer your question I can try to explain more.
      Hope that helps!