Lavender Fest Lolita Meet-up

Lavender Lolita Meet
Lavender Fest Lolita Meet

Me with Holli and Ariann at the Lavender Fest

A couple weekends ago I went to the lolita Lavender Fest meet up at Helvetia Lavender Farm. Ariann organized the meet and I met up with her and Holli to get a ride out to the festival. We got there a bit early so we took that opportunity to take a few photos like the one above! It was really hot out though so it was hard to pose for too long. After taking some photos we wandered around the festival for a bit before finding some benches in the shade to wait on. Once everyone arrived we got a reservation at their tea pavilion and had tea.

Lavender Lolita Meet

Ariann took this photo of me holding one of the tea cups!

It was pretty hot out so I think everyone opted for iced tea. They left the fancy tea cups on the table though so we posed with them for pictures! I got some kind of ginger iced tea and it was really delicious. We sat at the tea pavilion for awhile just talking and hanging out. It was nice since a lot of meet ups are very busy so you don’t always get to catch up with everyone. I liked that we could all sit in the shade and have tea together! I sometimes hear people from other communities complain that their meet ups are always at tea houses, but our community rarely does stuff like this anymore so it was a nice change.

After having tea we walked around the festival some more and took photos. It was so hot out and there were a lot of bees so I decided to sit it out. They took really cool photos in the lavender though!

Mirror Photo

Mirror photo at the bar we stopped at on the way back!

On the way back we stopped at a restaurant to get something to eat. At first we thought it would be fun to get drinks but by the time we got inside all we wanted was water. And after we were refreshed we took a couple more photos in the mirror haha 😉