WonderNW Con Report and Updates

Last month was Portland’s own Wonder Northwest convention. This year was my first time checking it out. It was very small, but lots of fun since I got to see many of the cosplayers I’ve been meeting at the monthly Portland cosplay photoshoots! I planned to meet Ariann there both days, so the first day we both wore lolita and took some pictures. We both ended up wearing our black sweet Angelic Pretty prints even though we didn’t coordinate ahead of time.

Hanging out at WonderNW

I received my Toy Parade dress in the mail the day of the convention, so I was really excited to wear it! This was actually my first Angelic Pretty dress so after getting to wear it around for the whole day, I was really impressed with the quality. It’s definitely the most comfortable lolita dress I’ve worn and I love how full and poofy the skirt is.

Check out the outfit rundown on Lookbook!

We mostly just walked around the hotel the convention was at and checked out a few panels. We saw part of the panel on collecting props from Star Wars movies. I thought it was really interesting! I love the old Star Wars movies and it was cool to see photos of some people’s prop collections. The guy running the panel brought a Storm Trooper gun from the movies to show. I wish I could have held it and got a picture!

I also spent some time checking out the stuff in the dealer room. One of my favorite Portland artists, Tripper Dungan, had a table there. I see his work at Crafty Wonderland all the time and even own a couple paintings. I liked how varied the vendors were in the dealer’s room. There were old school video games, Magic cards, anime DVDs and even Sock Dreams had a table!

Photo by Ariann

I wore my Morrigan Aensland costume the second day at WonderNW. I wanted to enter it in the contest at the convention, but I was a bit too shy and didn’t sign up. I did attend the contest though and the guy running it noticed me in the crowd and asked me to stand up after all the entries presented, so that was cool. Next time I will definitely enter!

At the end of the second day I broke out my Hipster Morrigan costume and finally got some pictures. The shirt I’m wearing is from Glitterhell, I love that the colors match my bat tights! And thanks to my friend Rachel for letting me borrow her cute glasses!

Photo by Ariann

So overall, Wonder Northwest was pretty small but lots of fun! I hope more people will attend next year to make it even better. It’s nice having a convention so close to home 🙂

The next convention I’m planning on going to is Kumoricon. I’m not sure if I will get a hotel, but I think I will at least go for one day. I’m working on a new cosplay for it: Fujiko Mine from Lupin III! I have most of the supplies for it already, I just have to find some time to start working on it. I designed and ordered fabric from Spoonflower for the coat. Here’s a preview of the swatches and the reference pic!

Other than Fujiko, I do have a few other ideas for what I want to cosplay next, but I haven’t started getting supplies. I think I might do another Creamy Mami outfit since I just got a new wig for it. Her default outfit would be the most recognizable, but it’s a pretty obscure anime anyways so I might as well do whatever outfit I want haha. I’m leaning towards this one:

I’m seeing a trend with the polka dots! I have tons of experience making dresses, so this one will be easy to do. It just might take some time to find the right color fabric and make sure everything matches. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to custom order the polka dot part like I did with the Fujiko fabric though.

So anyways, I hope you enjoyed my con report and short cosplay update!