Tiny Faces iPhone App

With Tiny Faces you can bring everyday objects to life by adding faces to any photo! This is my first time blogging about an iPhone app on Lavendeer and I have to say, I’m very excited since I worked on Tiny Faces! I created all the face artwork and designed the app interface. It was just released on the App Store this past weekend.

I’ve already seen lots of people uploading their creations on Instagram and they are all so cute! I love the things that people are coming up with!

You can find Tiny Faces on Facebook, Twitter and even Tumblr.

If you are interested in getting a promo code to download the app for free please leave a comment on this entry with your e-mail address!

  • Jennie

    I’ve been looking for an app like this for such a long time! It looks perfect, great job! Please send me a promo code, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks so much!!!

    • Laura

      Hi Jennie! Thanks for your interest~ let me know your e-mail address and I can get one to you 🙂

      • Jennie

        Thanks for the reply! My email address is jennzster@hotmail.com

        Thanks so much!

      • Jennie

        Hi Laura, just wanted to ask if you sent that email with the promo code yet? =)

        • Laura

          Sorry, I haven’t! I have to get it generated and I don’t have access to do that myself so I’m waiting. I’ll try to get it soon!

  • Ron

    Yes it’s a great app! My girlfriend want it, but she can’t buy this. Could you send a promo code for me and my girlfriend? I’ll give this her such a surprise! 🙂 Thank you! (:

    • Laura

      Hi Ron! Just let me know your e-mail address and I will send you one! 🙂

      • Ron

        Thank you for reply!!! 🙂
        email adress: quaol@citromail.hu 🙂
        Thank you!!! 🙂

  • Dani (@kanariyellow)

    uwaaa… i want itt… can i still get a promo code?
    email is dav.dxs@gmail.com

  • Stephanie

    Waa, it’s so kawaii desu! Can I still get the promo code? 😮
    Email: stephanieooemgee@aim.com
    Thank you so much!

  • marione

    can i still get the promo code too? thanks!
    email: marione24_mylifemyrules@yahoo.com

  • krizia katrina

    you’re a life saver! i would be honored to have a promo code! THANK YOU


  • Anabella

    Can I still get a promo code? I really really want this! ^o^
    Thanks so much!!!

  • Harald Vu Nguyen

    Can i have a promo code please!? my email is kenshin_himora94@hotmail.com

    would be lovely if you could send me a promo code thanks! <3

  • Angie Gacktzita

    I want a promo too!!!
    I was searching this app so long time!!!
    Please send it to me!!! ^^
    thank you

  • Laura

    All the promo codes have been sent out! Unfortunately, I can’t accept any more request for codes! Thanks everyone for your interest 🙂

    • Jennie

      Laura, I know you said you sent the promo codes out but I didn’t receive an email from you yet. Could you please send it again? Id really appreciate it!


      • Laura

        Hi Jennie,

        I double checked and I did send it to the correct address back in November. Unfortunately codes expire after 30 days and we can’t regenerate them even if they aren’t used. I’ll have to see if I can get any more since we have a set amount we can use.

  • Crystal

    Hi I think this app is really
    Cool I have been looking for an app like this
    Plz send me one for free if u can thanks ???

  • wananissorfina

    Hi there!
    can you send the promo code clackhanger@yahoo.com