Sakura-con 2012

Last weekend I went up to Seattle to attend the anime convention Sakura-con. This was my second year going and it was pretty fun! Conventions on the west coast are much different than those I’ve attended in the midwest or east cost. The atmosphere seemed more chill, if that makes sense? I had a lot of fun! But I did end up catching some kind of bug so I’ve been sick for the last week.. I tried so hard not to give anyone hi-fives or anything but I still ended up sick! (At Sakura-con it seems like it’s some kind of tradition to try and get as many hi-fives as possible. Since there are a lot of escalators people just stand on them with their hands out waiting for hi-fives.. Does this happen at other cons too?)

We arrived on Thursday night to pick up our badges since we were pre-registered. We had to wait about an hour or so, which isn’t that bad. If you come on Friday and haven’t pre-registered, you might have to wait 6 hours in line to buy your badge! There wasn’t a lot going on Thursday night, so we went to a vegan bar on Capitol Hill called Highline. They were having some kind of electronic goth show that night that had cover, but we were able to get in and just grab some food!

I got my picture taken by the artist Enfu at his booth early on Friday!

On Friday some of the Oregon lolitas were hosting a tea party called Tea Time with Lola and Lolli, so I wore a new lolita outfit that day. Even though I wasn’t in costume I got stopped a lot and asked for pictures! Dan and I wondered around the dealer’s room before the tea party started and I got my picture taken with a rainbow fart at Enfu‘s booth. We really liked his artwork so we bought a print!
We also got interviewed by Nico Nico on their live stream. It’s really cool because you can see all the comments of people watching the stream while you get interviewed. I was pretty nervous and didn’t know what to say, but it was still fun to do! You can check out the video of it here:

So all that was only early Friday morning! After lunch, I went to the lolita tea party. They had organized lots of fun games and prizes. I even donated a set of nails from my shop, Kawaii Nails as one of the prizes. I wasn’t expecting to win anything myself, but they had a door prize just for attending. I got a cute eye-ball bow from Kawaii Goods! If you want to know more about the tea party, you can check out Lola and Lolli’s blog!

I think after the tea party I ended up wandering around since Dan had found the game room and was busy playing Marvel or Street Fighter. I did some karaoke and played Rock Band. Before I knew it, I was really hungry so we went out to eat at In The Bowl (Dan’s favorite vegan spot in Seattle). They make these really good wontons called Full-filled Your Dreams. I always get them as an appetizer when I go there!

Full-filled Your Dreams wontons from In The Bowl