Creamy Mami Cosplay

I’ve been busy the past month or so getting ready for Sakura-con! This past weekend I finished (well, mostly!) my Creamy Mami cosplay and met up with other cosplayers for a photoshoot. I just discovered the cosplay group recently, but they meet up once a month and have a professional photographer that comes and takes photos. We went to the International Rose Test Garden this month and unfortunately it was a bit cold and rainy but the photos still turned out amazing.

Photo by: Tom Good
Click the photo to see the rest from the set!

I have wanted to cosplay Creamy Mami since I first saw her. I instantly loved her lavender hair and pastel outfits. I first found out about the anime when I was living in Japan in the fall of 2009. The brand Quolomo had just released a line of shirts featuring characters from Creamy Mami and the anime started to have a resurgence in popularity after that. My boyfriend has one of the Quolomo shirts—the one with Posi and Negi—so he plans to wear that on the day I wear this cosplay at Sakura-con!

I still have a bit to finish up on the costume, but I was glad that I got to do a test run at the photoshoot this past weekend so I can figure out anything that I might want to change as well.