Chocolate Fest Lolita Meet

See this outfit on lookbook! Please hype <3

For the past few years the Oregon Lolitas have been meeting up at the annual Chocolate Fest here in Portland. This was my first time attending and it was a lot of fun! I wore my Creamy Soda Pop dress from Baby The Stars Shine Bright. Everyone’s outfits were a big hit with the Chocolate Fest crowd. People kept stopping us to ask if we were performing or working at the event. Lots of people also came up to ask for pictures. By the end of the event we had all pretty much memorized a little spiel to tell everyone explaining Lolita fashion!

I didn’t take very many photos at the event.. I guess I was too busy eating chocolate haha. But thanks to Ariann for taking the photos above!

There was a surprising amount of vendors with vegan chocolate, so I got to try a lot of different stuff. I bought a bar of chocolate, a chipotle truffle, kettle corn and hazelnut brittle… all vegan! There were lots of wineries there too, so I also got to try some different wines. I hope that we continue the tradition next year and have another Chocolate Fest Lolita meet!