And make it go

Outfit rundown on!

One of my resolutions for this year is to own more clothing with cats on it haha 🙂
This shirt is a little silly, but I think it’s really cute and the material is so comfy! It says “Wish I Had Some Yarn” on the front. I think it’s adorable because I also like knitting.

It might be a bit difficult to see in this photo but my hair is done in two horns (inspired by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu). This was the best tutorial I found about about doing this hairstyle but there isn’t a lot of instruction so it is a bit hard to replicate. You just have to keep practicing until you find out what works. Maybe I will post my own tutorial explaining how I do it!

I wore this out to go dancing this weekend because one of my favorite DJs was in town! She played some awesome music the whole night including her new release, Bootyberg, and another one of my favorite songs right now, Heartbeat. It was really fun and my outfit was definitely comfy enough to dance all night long (as well as bike there and back!)