Shantung Holiday Dress

I really wanted to make a dress to wear for Christmas day, but I ran out of time and didn’t get to start on it until a couple days before Christmas! I managed to work on it while watching Love Actually with my family (our holiday tradition) on Christmas Eve and then finished it Christmas morning after opening presents. The pattern I used to make it was Vintage Vogue 2960.

It was supposed to be an easy pattern but it turned out being a bit difficult since there was a ton of ease built into the pattern and I had to make it a couple sizes smaller. Also the button holes were like mini welt pockets, so it took awhile to do them all (and then the facing had to be delicately sliced and stitched in place to the back of the button holes). Since I made it so quickly, I need to go back and adjust the fit a bit and handsew the hem (I just did a machine baste to the hem get it done fast so I could wear it).

Here is the best photo I managed to snap of me wearing it. I was so busy cooking all day, I didn’t have time to take a proper picture!

Now that I’ve made this pattern once, I think it will be much easier if I do it again. I want to make this dress with a cotton fabric for summer!